IAC Speaker Series  with Dr.Yvonne Poitras-Pratt

Dr. Pratt’s research focuses on the use of new media,

particularly digital storytelling, as a means to revitalize

cultural traditions and intergenerational learning within Métis

communities. One community has now created 19 digital

stories about their lives as contemporary Métis. Yvonne has

also brought digital storytelling into an urban setting through

a partnership between Rupertsland Institute and the Council

of Elders at the Edmonton Catholic School District. Related to

this work is Dr. Pratt’s investigation into the relationship

between technology and traditional storytelling and how

technology can be used to reclaim voice and traditional ways

of knowing through multiple literacies.

Wednesday, May 24th


The Indigenous Awareness Committee

Welcomes You to the Redwood House in

Redwood Meadows, AB. for a informative

and family friendly evening of conversation.

Refreshments and a children’s area will be

made available.

This event is free to all participants.


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